Fall Break: Paris, Lisbon, Madrid & Barcelona

Just two week I embarked on a journey with three of my flat mates across four European cities: Paris, Lisbon, Madrid and Barcelona. Based out of London, we left from St. Pancreas International Station and took the Eurostar 2.5 hours through the Chunnel arriving in the center of Paris. We were blessed with wonderful weather during our stay in Paris allowing us to truly take in the beauty of the city.

Next we would travel on to Lisbon, Portugal. It was a brilliant sight to see palm trees upon stepping out of the airport. As a city that is right on the water, Lisbon offered breathtaking vistas from almost any place in the city. The fish were delicious and the drinks were cheap. But soon we would have to leave Lisbon and make our way to the center of Spain to the city of Madrid.
Just a half hour plane trip and we were immersed in a completely different culture than Lisbon. Huge drinks and free Tapas at El Tigre just around the corner from our Hotel was a real treat. We ate dinner at the oldest restaurant in the world Sobrino de Botin according to Guinness book of world records. It was located in a wine celar and the cuisine was delicious. After partying until 7am we would quickly have to pack our belongings and venture off to the airport to catch a plane only 2 hours later.

I arrived in Barcelona excited to see the Mediterranean for the first time. However, we were tired and very hungry from the events of lastnight/early morning. After walking a few blocks away from our hotel we found a strip of cheaply priced meals and decided upon one. BIG MISTAKE!!! Everyone got meals that eventually poisoned us and ruined our evening and the following day. Sunday however we were refreshed and had a wonderful day walking through the markets of Las Ramblas to the Arc de Triumf and finally arriving to the lavish restaurants right on the beach. After a wonderful dinner our fall break would come to a close.

Although we only made it to three countries and four cities during our break, I was able to realize truly how diverse and rich the culture of Europe is. Each city had their own specialties and features that are unique and can only be realized when you are physically there. I cannot wait to travel to other cities not only in Europe but across this beautiful world of ours. From the people and food to the architecture and natural beauty I will always wish to travel and seek more!