What is VouchBoard?
VouchBoard is an interactive, online service that will make vouching for others social, meaningful, and fun. It will give users the opportunity to show support for their friends, colleagues, clients, teachers, and anyone else who has left a positive impression on them.
VouchBoard will also allow you to proudly showcase who’s vouching for you.
At its core, VouchBoard is a “feel good” endeavor. People love compliments, recognition, and recommendations, and our service will allow people to attain and highlight all three.

How does it work?

Users will be able to accept or reject “Vouches” from others. Every account holder will be able to share their favorite Vouches on their personal “Board.” Additionally, users will be able to explore who others are showing support for within the community.
Each user’s Board will have customizable features including privacy settings and design options. VouchBoard will be an extension of oneself, even though the emphasis will be placed on what others are saying.

Who is it for?

VouchBoard is beneficial for people of all ages and interests. It serves friends, aspiring professionals, and anyone looking to display positive feedback about their daily actions, creativity, work, philanthropic efforts, personality, etc.
-Source: vouchboard.com